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All lyrics written by Wendi Slaton.
*Lyrics written by Shawn Pander

1. Standing still
2. Keep on givin’
3. Mercy Mercy
4 . What you want
5 . What never was
6 . Isabella grace
7 . When it ends
8 . Between us and my guitar*
9 . Everybody goes away
10. Home
11. Let me in
12. Good enough

we could make amends, we could make love
we could call it quits if you think you’ve had enough
we could ride this wave, we’re both already wet
we could float away but we could never forget
we could cross the line, meet half way
we’ve got everything to lose and even more to gain

i’m not asking for forever, i’m just in it for the thrill
but i can’t stand, no i can’t stand, i can’t stand standing still

you could lead me on, i will follow for awhile
if you ever turn around you’ll want more than my smile
what we have is rare and it’s true
but if you don’t want me then i don’t want to want you
we could go on as friends, denying our truth
but i’d rather regret something i did than something I didn’t do

the only thing in our way, is a pretty tall blonde
whatever you once had, baby it’s long gone
i know you’re afraid, yeah i have my own fears
but if it doesn’t work out we’ll wipe away each others tears

if you take a step, i’ll take two
something’s got to give, oh come on baby make a move


ain’t it crazy how tenaciously i cling
to the words from which i pray to be set free
ain’t it crazy, how foolish i can be

ain‘t it funny how hard i try
to hold onto these feelings that only make me cry
i laugh out loud and i ask myself why

but i’m not gonna hold back hold out
that’s not what this world’s about
i’m not gonna give up or in i’m just gonna
keep on givin’

ain’t it something how love gets buried by fear
ain’t it a shame i’m scared to share the way that i feel
i hide behind these walls to protect my heart of steel

things are never better left unsaid
it’s gotta get lonely livin’ inside your head
if you take me there then i’ll color all your darkness red

but i’m not gonna hold back hold out
that’s not what this love’s about
i’m not gonna give up or in i’m just gonna
keep on…


you can take me out, but you can’t take me home
‘cause i’ve got walk in closets filled with bones
i don’t need another memory i’ve got too many to forget
tales of passion and lust have turned to guilt and regret

we’ve all got secrets yeah we’ve all told lies
we’ll all be seeking redemption in that courtroom in the sky
i’ve been dancin’ with my demons prayin’ the music would end
cryin’ jesus jesus it’s your long lost friend, it’s your long lost friend

mercy mercy the regret just set in
i wish i hadn’t let my morals bend

i’ve been called self righteous, oh and it may be true
because i’m much too into myself to be somebody else’s fool
well it didn’t take long for me to build these walls
but you can’t peak inside unless you’re ten feet tall

mercy mercy the regret just set in
i wish i hadn’t let my morals bend
the love i thought we made just got chalked up to sin
mercy mercy the regret just set in

you can call my name but don’t expect me to come
if you move in too quickly you’ll see how fast i can run
i don’t need a shoulder to cry on or lean
i can take it standin’ up or laying down if ya know what i mean…do you know what i mean?


now would be a good time for me to go
i’m too easy to love to get my heart broke
i’m not naïve, foolish or blind
i know you’ll go back it’s just a matter of time

i will never be what you want, i would never even try
‘cause who you are is a mystery and who she is, is a lie

you’ve been going through the motions, pretending to feel
but you don’t really know me, ‘cause if you did you’d try to steal
this heart you’re slowly breaking as your own heart bleeds
you will never know loneliness until your best friend leaves

i’m not here to entertain you, keep your mind off your pain
i know you don’t deserve me, but it hurts me just the same

i’ve been where you are, lost in a lover from your past
but you can’t get to the other side until you know where you’re at


i don’t harbor any hatred in my heart
i’m not blaming anybody for this false start
but i’m questioning my judgment and it’s driving me mad
i can’t seem to figure out what it was we had

i can shake the sin, i can shake the sex
but i can’t fill this emptiness
i can’t lose the lust i can’t get enough
i can’t get over what never was

you can take me to bed but don’t take me for a fool
if you were using me baby, i was using you too
i will let you touch my body but you’ll never touch my soul
no, you ain’t man enough to make a woman like me whole

i can shake the sin i can shake the sex
but i can’t seem to forgive and forget
i can’t lose the lust i can’t get enough
i can’t get over what never was

there’s nothing fair about a one night stand
the one with the least to lose has the upper hand
you can put away your dignity, set aside your pride
but your conscience will haunt you the following night

i can shake the sin i can shake the sex
once the sweat dries there ain’t nothing left
but i can’t lose the lust and i can’t get enough
i can’t get over what never was


i can’t make a sound, not a single word
i can’t feel the pain but i know it hurts
i know something’s missing, i feel so alone
i hope the darkness fades with the morning sun

i polish my nails and chip it all off
i don’t know the time but i’m watching the clock
i’m in shock
yeah, i’m in shock

i have never known heartbreak like this
if i could have only one wish
i’d give my forever for her tomorrows

i look through my lover and see only gray
i turn to the mirror i can’t make out my face
i feel like crying but the tears won’t come
i’m anxious and restless, i’m coming undone

it don’t seem real this can’t be right
i still hear her cry in the middle of the night
i’m alright
no, no, no, no, no, no...i’m not alright

god, i don’t understand
you came for our gift before she learned to dance
i knew she was an angel from our first embrace
how blessed i was to know precious isabella grace
isabella grace


sittin’ in the airport bar, you show me your camera, i show you my guitar
we laugh about the good times and wonder where they went
you say you never got the love letters i never sent

this is how it is when it ends, this is how it is when it ends

you say you don’t think of me much at all
how do you explain the late night drunken phone calls
you say you know it’s for the best, but you can’t look at me so you turn your, you turn your head

this is how it is when it ends, this is how it is when it ends

there ain’t no hope for happy ever after
there’s only tears disguised as laughter
i guess there are hurts that apologies can’t mend
this is how it is when it ends

lyin’ in my hotel bed, making love to you but only in my head
i wonder does your armor make it difficult to breathe
am i still in love with whoever’s underneath

this is how it is when it ends, this is how it is when it ends

i pushed and pulled i weighed you down, i changed your world
and then i packed up your heart and left this town
you know i’m sorry and i want to be your friend, judging from your coldness you cannot forgive my sins


i must congratulate you
on holding your true side back for so long
i have been fooled
by what i believed was sent from above
everything’s crystal clear now
this is the day i move on
and finish my book that i put aside
when you came along

no one can stop you at the rate you’re going
who’s gonna catch you when it’s your time to fall
it’s the way that you’re moving
like you’re eight feet tall

try to remember that i know your secrets
don’t worry darling, i won’t let them go far
we’ll just keep them between us
and my guitar

you’ve got a lot of nerve baby
someone once said that all things pass
so i’m gonna go start a new life
and give it my best

so darling be free
soar like you always said you would
don’t count on me to still be around
when the soaring is done

‘cause it’s closing time
and you’ve crossed that line
from honest love
to what you’ve become


nobody knows the hurt that i hide
nobody knows what i’m feeling inside
everybody see’s the me i choose to show
nobody knows, no nobody knows

one by one everybody leaves
ain’t nobody tough enough to let me be me
everybody wants to touch but no one will hold
everybody goes, everybody goes

and there ain’t no one to count on when i lose my way
and there ain’t no where to lean at the closing of the day
and it seems no matter what i wish for or how i pray
everybody goes away
everybody goes away

somebody hurt me but never again
lovers are easy to come by, me i need a friend
if you play love like a game it will beat you in the end
nobody wins, no nobody wins


i remember when i was a little girl, i was quiet but never shy
i felt awkward in my skin, but never ashamed enough to hide
i was the snob with all the boyfriends, the money and the car
that’s what they said behind my back, i didn’t fit in

now i sit across the table from my two older sisters who are
happily hitched and got babies on the way
they ask if i have any intentions of growing up anytime soon
i just smile, excuse myself and walk out of the room

i take a moment to ponder my thoughts
and then i quickly write ‘em down
you know it amazes me what i find
when i dare to look inside
i feel misunderstood, and oh so alone
sometimes this body that i live in
well it doesn’t feel like home
oh and i want to go home

if i was a drinker i’d get drunk, if i smoked man i’d be high
i can move clear across the country but i can’t escape my state of mind
we think the grass is always greener in someone else’s yard
if i could only learn to be still i could grow a garden in my heart

there’s my momma, where’s my dad and the brothers i never really had
there’s the bed where i sleep, and i pray the lord my soul to keep
if i should die before i wake, will they remember the smiles that i fake
will my family forget, i want to be alone


at the risk of scaring you away i got somethin’ to tell ya, i got something to say
no it’s not a threat it’s merely a clarification of what i’m willing to tolerate
see i’ve been standing on the outside of your walls wondering when you’ll let me in
i know your touch your kiss your sounds and your scent
i want to know what’s underneath your skin

i’m worthy, i’m worthy let me in
i’m worthy, i’m worthy let me in

i’m not asking you to compromise your values, but won’t you step inside the truth
i would never ask you to leave her for me no, but I pray you leave her soon for you
we could make love, music, magic, and memories and become the best of friends
what’s done is done we can’t take back the sin, and if i could i’d commit it over and over and over and over and over again

i don’t want to hear about this man you’re trying desperately to be, you are cheating yourself by refusing to deceive
i don’t want to talk about how complicated this situation is,
i think it’s pretty simple shit
i’m drawn to you you’re drawn to me we are everything the other needs
why don’t you take a fucking risk


i don’t want to disappoint you, i don’t want to let you down
maybe you’d be happier without me around

i worry i’m not good enough, maybe i’m not worthy of your love
but i’m afraid if i lose you, i’ll lose the finest part of me

yes i’m brave and independent, but i hurt just like you
i sit here with my head in my hands lonely, lost and confused

‘cause, i don’t know if i’m good enough
i don’t know if i’m good enough
i don’t’ know if i’m good enough for you

i can handle rejection, i can handle goodbyes
i would rather wake up all alone than fall asleep with a lie

so tell me the truth don’t hold nothing back, what is it that you see in me
‘cause right now i’m feeling insecure, small and weak

i want to be your every fantasy, ‘cause you’re a 1,000 dreams come true
i don’t want to hold you back or down, i just want to hold you

you slid this circle on my finger, the symbol for eternity
it’s all i’ve ever wanted but i can’t breathe


All rights reserved Copyright 2006 Wendi Slaton No material on this website may be reproduced without permission from the artist